Hyundai i30: Review

Hyundai i30

With the Hyundai, depending on what you’re looking for, you’re sure to find your perfect match. The South Korean company produce a variety of cars which are suited for different customers including the city cars for the city lovers, the spacious hatchbacks for the families and also the executive estates for the business journeys.

Performance & Drive
You shouldn’t really have high expectations when it comes to the performance and drive of the i30, as this really isn’t its strongest point – but it’s good enough. There are a range of different engines available to choose from, in which non are incredibly powerful, but the lowest is the best choice in terms of money.

But it’s not all bad when it comes to the i30. With its good, soft suspension making bumps and potholes barely noticeable, you’re guaranteed to have a comfortable and enjoyable ride every time without fail. The Hyundai i30 does handle well and offer a good amount of grip, but its major downfall is definitely the steering as the reactions are too slow. In order to better this problem, the i30 features a ‘Flex Steer’ system which features a Normal, Sport and Comfort setting which alters the weight within steering, but there’s barely a difference between the three.

Hyundai are known for their distinctive styling, unique look and modern designs, in which the i30 has all of these. Whether you want a three-door or a five-door, they both offer a good amount of size in order to be a top family car contender – with a sporty twist. So, if the appearance plays a big part – the i30 won’t let you down. A range of colours are also available, ranging from Ara Blue to Polar White.

The interior definitely matches the exterior with its dashing good looks and fresh design. You’d have no problems when it comes to the dashboard as it offers a simple lay-out and therefore no hassle when it comes to navigation, especially with its clear marked buttons. There has been a vast amount of improvements done regarding the quality of the materials used within the i30 – it is a lot better now and the overall quality isn’t too bad.

Moving onto the practicality of the cabin, it’s impressive actually. The driving position offered is more than good, with comfortable and supportive seats and also the pedals have been well placed. In terms of storage space, the i30 is very generous with 378 litres available in the boot and 1,316 litres available with the seats down.

The Hyundai i30 is the best seller for a reason – it has improved in a range of different areas and it does set out to impress a lot more than it has ever done before. If you’re looking not to spend too much but want a lot for your money, the i30 should be at the top of your list with prices starting from only £15,295 to buy new. With good quality materials, a spacious cabin and a great variety of infotainment, it’s the perfect companion for on the road for either business or for pleasure. Leasing a car for personal use is also a great way of driving the Hyundai i30 for an affordable price each month.

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